Canada's oldest and largest tenant federation is accepting new volunteers. Exercise your political rights as a tenant!

Almost half of Toronto voters are tenants. Yet political change over the past several years has largely failed to take tenant needs into consideration. 

Throughout FMTA's history, volunteers have formed the backbone of the Federation. We rely on volunteers for almost all of the work that we do. Our affiliated tenant associations are made up of volunteers, as is our board of directors - which is elected each year by our members at the Annual General Meeting. 

There are several ways of volunteering that would really be helpful to us and to other tenants in Toronto.

  • Start a Tenant Association in your building - our Outreach & Organizing team can help you start a Tenant Association, and our Tenant Organizing Manual is really helpful in setting up your tenant association
  • Help organize tenant events with the FMTA - we participate in and host and a wide variety of events, like tenant forums, picnics, parades, information sessions and 'town hall' meetingsInvite us to do a workshop with your tenant association or organization
  • Contact your local MPP or City Councillor - if you feel that your rights as a tenant aren't being heard by the provincial or municipal government, write them a letter expressing your concerns

You can also get involved with the FMTA as a graphic designer, a FMTA Committee Rep, a membership liaison, a translator or social media coordinator.  Volunteer position descriptions are attached below.

Prospective volunteers are required to read our volunteer orientation package and sign a volunteer commitment form.

Email fmta@torontotenants.org or call 416-646-1772 for more information!


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FMTA Advocacy is NOT funded by the city of Toronto.