Announcing The Second Annual FMTA Tenant Awards!

Do you know a tenant has worked to better the lives of tenants in our city? A person who has made an outstanding contribution to the well-being and future of Toronto renters? Who has made an impact on your community? Who has fought discrimination? Built community? Who has inspired you?


The annual FMTA Tenant Awards aim to honour the extraordinary work of advocates of tenant rights in Toronto. Support the people making a difference across the GTA by nominating a tenant or ally for an FMTA Tenant Award using the attached form below




Nomination criteria

How to nominate

Important Dates

Selection process

FMTA Tenant Awards values statement


Eligible nominees must:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of tenants in the GTA
  • Live or work in the GTA
  • Consent to the nomination and the publication of their name, photo and information
  • Be available to attend the AGM on June 22, 2019
  • Satisfy the FMTA Tenant Awards Values Statement (see below)
  • NOT be a current FMTA staff or board member



A Tenant Award nominee has worked to better the lives of tenants in our city in some way – and has inspired you. Here are just some possible reasons for nominating someone:

  • Achieved success or persevered in a battle against a landlord or for tenant rights
  • Contributed to the well-being and future of Toronto renters
  • Broken new ground or old barriers
  • Has shown courage in the face of power
  • Shown vision, creativity and initiative
  • Been a leader or a role model
  • Participated actively as a volunteer
  • Shown commitment to building community
  • Has fought injustice or discrimination



Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and email your nomination to or phone in your nomination by calling 416-646-1772. NOTE: the form is from 2018 - please ignore the May 5, 2018 deadline.



  • Deadline for nominations is May 15th, 2019
  • The 2019 FMTA Tenant Awards will be announced on June 22, 2019 at our Annual General Meeting


The FMTA Nominations Committee reviews all submissions for completeness, eligibility and ensures that each nomination fulfills the nomination criteria. Award recipients must be able to attend the AGM and consent to the use of their name and picture being used for promotional purposes. The committee may contact nominees, nominators and supporters to confirm information. Please note that every nomination submission is not accepted. 


All accepted nominations are reviewed first by the Nominations Committee and then by the FMTA Board of Directors for final award winners to be selected. All nominators and recipients will be contacted by May 30, 2019. Nominations not selected in a given year are kept on file for consideration for the following year. 



The FMTA Tenant Awards encourages nominations that showcase individuals who are driving positive change either directly or by example. Activities and achievements of all potential nominees must align with the FMTA’s values. The candidates’ participation in tenant advocacy encapsulates the spirit of tenant rights as outlined in FMTA’s mission and vision. The FMTA reserves the right to revoke an award if subsequent circumstances respecting the recipient contradict the mission, ethics and / or values of FMTA or bring its reputation into disrepute. The nominee or nominator may withdraw the nomination, for any reason, up to two weeks before the award ceremony. The withdrawal must be made in writing, notifying the nominator/nominee and the FMTA of the withdrawal. The FMTA will accept the withdrawal, effective immediately.


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