Spotlight on Tenant Associations: the West Lodge Tenants' Association

The West Lodge Tenants' Association represents residents of 103-105 West Lodge Avenue, in Parkdale. The group acts as an advocate and as a consumer protection watchdog both for residents and for other concerned tenants. The TA has primarily focused on the Wynn Group, formerly known as Wynn Family Properties.

New Resources! Renting a Place to Live


This resource, prepared by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), provides tenants with information about the law, with a focus on tenancy agreements and discrimination. It is not a substitute for legal advice. The resource is available on the FMTA website in the following languages:


Spotlight on Tenants' Associations: The Valley Woods Tenants Group

The Valley Woods Tenants' Group was formed to educate tenants living in North York about their rights by providing information about the law and ensuring landlords comply with relevant Property Standards and the Residential Tenancies Act.

Revisiting: Fairlease!

The FMTA's Fairlease project aims to make tenants aware of their rights and responsibilities in terms of their tenancy with a landlord. A number of tenancies in Ontario are verbal, however those that are written often contain a number of illegal provisions which take advantage of tenants.

Spotlight on Tenant Associations: The Parkdale Tenants' Association

The Parkdale Tenants Association has been working to improve tenants' lives since 1971. A grassroots group with strong roots in the community, its members have joined together to force landlords to be more accountable. High rent increases, buildings in appalling condition, and harassment by landlords continue to be issues faced by low-income tenants in Parkdale.

Spotlight on Tenant Associations: High Park Residents Association

The High Park Residents' Association (HPRA) has a catchment area that includes over 15,000 residents living in two distinct geographical areas bordering High Park. Whether renting or owning, all residents within the catchment area are both welcome and encouraged to join the Residents' Association.

Spotlight on Tenant Associations: The East York Tenants Group

Comprising tenants in East York, the Association aims to ensure tenants enjoy comfortable rental accommodations and landlords comply with existing property standards.